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October 13, 2018

GU Inter College Football Tournament 2018

G.U. Inter-College Football Tournament, 2018-2019

Organised by Ratnapith College

Under The Gauhati University Sports Board

Rules and Regulation

  1. Rules will be applicable as per the guidelines of Assam Football Association.
  2. Institutions are requested to send only boys’ team
  3. A team will consist of not more than 16 players accompanied by one coach and one Prof. in-charge.
  4. Last date of joining the tournament is 26th October, 2018
  5. The decision of the match referee provided by the A.F.A. will be final.
  6. Time of football match will be 35 + 10 + 35 minutes. In case of a draw match an overtime of 10+5+10 minutes will be given. If the results doesn’t come out in the additional time it will be decided through Tie-Breaker
  7. Host Institution will not consider any travel expenses.
  8. Only fooding and lodging facilities will be provided to the out station participating teams from 29th October, 2018.
  9. Participating teams are requested to bring their own bedding, mosquito net etc.


  • The registration fee for the tournament is Rs.2000/- per team
  • Each member of the participating team has to pay Rs. 300/- for fooding and lodging.

Eligibility Criteria for player:

  • The player should be a bonafide student of the college/institution
  • The student must not be above 25 years of age on the date of the commencement of the game.